Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Lend Financial Mortgage!

We are a consortium of the most seasoned and  successful loan originators servicing Georgia (GA), Pennsylvania (PA) and Florida (FL), who have combined  our vast knowledge base and experiences to create Lend Financial Mortgage. We are in the process or plan on expanding to North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Virginia (VA), California (CA) and Illinois(IL).   We feel with our education and talent pool that we can move to the front of the pack when it comes to buying or refinance your primary residence, a rental property, or a vacation home.

We define success by how many repeat clients and referrals they send us.  We don’t advertise often or spend millions on sponsorship and our originators are always a phone call away any day of the week.  Our originators are required to give out their mobile numbers to every client.    You wont be assigned to a processor who doesn’t take phone calls during the day or corporate call center.   You can get a loans status update by making a phone call, or sending a text or email.  We combine the service of a family owned “mom and pop” business and pricing of a discount wholesaler.

Atlanta Mortgage Rates

Atlanta, GA

We are operate as a mortgage broker and you can read about the difference between a broker, lender and a bank on my mortgage news/blog page.  Our rates are better than just about every bank in the United States of America and better than 95% of mortgage lenders and brokers and the reason is simple.  We specialize in mortgages.  We don’t take deposits, we don’t have branch offices in every city and we keep our overhead low by employing hardworking, intelligent and educated employees. Our founder has an MBA, and Masters of Science/Information Systems Management degrees  from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

We are a technology proficient company so you don’t have to be and it makes the process simple to do business for all parties involved.  In most cases, you can sign loan documents online in a virtual signing room however we have no problem sending the loan documents in an overnight package to you with signature lines highlighted or we will come to your home if you are in close proximity under extenuating circumstances.  Right now, you can fill out a quick application on the right hand side to receive a quote but soon you will be able to apply online through our website thus making the process even faster, easier and more efficient.

We offer some of the most comprehensive Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA and USDA loan programs available today.  We can give credits for closing costs and escrow deposits. We have 97% conventional, 100% VA loan, and 95% conventional with no mortgage insurance.  Gifted funds can be used with conventional and FHA loans. We have 90% Jumbo loans for purchase loans. As the housing market continues to stabilize, one of our key investors has just introduced  interest only Jumbo ARMs and interest only 30 year fixed products.  The 1st 10 years are interest only on all these loans followed by a 20 year amortization.  Rates and APR are in the 3s and 4s so contact us for a quote.

We don’t collect any fees up front so you are always free to go somewhere else if you are not satisfied.


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